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Thranduil 2013年10月10日 11時55分
Warhammer 40k and Halo Skins
Hey, wondering if anybody has some skin mods in the works. I know there are more than a few Halo weapon skins out now, and was wondering if someone had a CI Flood skin mod going.

Also wondering if people had mods planned for some of the 40k weapons, and some skins for both players and Infected.

I don't have the skills necessary to do any of this, just wondering if anybody was thinking about them or working on them.
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Nino_Chaosdrache 2013年10月10日 14時24分 
You should try the Deathwing mod. There you play as a squad of Terminators from the Dark Angels against Tyranids. But I don't know if you can download the Terminator skins seperately.
Thranduil 2013年10月10日 15時13分 
My thanks on Deathwing, I can see it being fun in a group. Hoping on skins that I can use in regular games too!
Nino_Chaosdrache 2013年10月10日 15時53分 
You're welcome and I hope for the skins, too. I can imagine that it's pretty fun to slice through infected with Power Claws :D
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Thranduil 2013年10月10日 16時12分 
Hoping for a regular bolter too, in place of say the M16
Nino_Chaosdrache 2013年10月10日 16時28分 
I guess they already replaced the M16 with the Stormbolter here. At least the reload sound and animations of the bots indicate that.
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