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BiaxialRain 2013年10月9日 9時58分
stupid newb question
I just purchased L4D2 on steam. I am currently downloading L4D2 and L4D2 beta.

What is the difference and do I need both?
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Corvus 2013年10月9日 10時10分 
L4D2 beta is useless. Valve never removed it.
Aura (card collecting) 2013年10月9日 11時34分 
Basically was Ruined Soul said. The beta was an optional download as Valve sought to have L4D2 ported to Linux as well as test out their "Extended Mutation System." The EMS allows players to develop their own unique gamemodes that are placed under Mutation --search and subscribe to them in the Workshop. Since the beta is finished, you do not need to install it.
最近の変更はAura (card collecting)が行いました; 2013年10月9日 11時35分
BiaxialRain 2013年10月10日 12時19分 
Thanks guys, much appreciated.
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