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T^8 2013年11月3日下午2:27
L4D2-Will not start.
So recently, I re-installed Left 4 Dead 2, and could both not start any maps, or load the game itself. I tried verifying the cache, and found one file, but it will not start. Suggestions?
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ÐÜÐĘŞåÜ©Ę™ 2013年11月3日下午6:17 
Was there any error message?
TheKyle 2013年11月3日下午6:40 
Make sure the Shortcut, (if you're using it) is not broken
coups83724 2013年11月4日上午3:45 
Delete and reinstall
mortzxd 2013年11月4日下午3:04 
I'm having the same probleme but nothing seems to work :(
T^8 2013年11月4日下午5:46 
引用自 coups83724
Delete and reinstall
Are you kidding me? I stated I did that already.
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