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PuiPuiFX 2013年11月1日 3時32分
USB Headset No Audio
HI i just bought L4D2 in the halloween sale and when i have come to play it, my razer kraken 7.1 USB doesnt produce any sound. I have ran the game through speakers and its working. So its not a rebuildaudiocache thing.

It just seems that the game doesnt recognise my USB headset. Even when i disable everything else in Default Playback Device.

Please Help.
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turvey900 2013年11月1日 5時45分 
Goto the windows control panel and under sound change your default audio device to the USB headset
最近の変更はturvey900が行いました; 2013年11月1日 5時45分
PuiPuiFX 2013年11月1日 7時24分 
Done and it doesnt affect anything. I even disabled everything other than USB Headset. :(
Fauntastique 1月10日 7時13分 
I had the same problem with L4D2 and my Razer Kraken 7.1 headset. My old headset worked fine but I got no sound what so ever from the Kraken 7.1. Turns out that the application L4D2 was muted in the Razer config in the tab mixer. So if you still have the problem start up L4D2 and then check Razer Synapse.
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