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1PercentCritHit 2013年11月1日 0時15分
Should I get this or Dead Space 2?
I've played L4D 1 and I enjoyed it alot. I've also played Dead Space a little and I liked it too. As of now, I only have enough money to get one of these.
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Speed Freak 2013年11月1日 0時20分 
Well, i would go for L4D it will give you more playing time, l4d2 is great game but my advice is just start doing achievements- it will make game 10x times better. Comunity is still very very active and you can find servers easy.
D. 2013年11月1日 0時21分 
Deadspace 2, is best as single player which it does a good job, although replayability is extremely low, after you've beaten it 1 time thats all there is to see because all enemies, their locations, and items are permanent and scripted.
Its multiplay is pretty poor, and for the most part totally dead.

Left4Dead 2 while a much more replayable game with singleplay or multiplay being excellent for the most part, is also at the end of its life. If you can get either on sale, Left4Dead2 will give you the most enjoyment over the long run.

This is only my opinion though.
Im That Kabbage 2013年11月1日 0時52分 
this for far xD
PizzaKnight 2013年11月1日 1時26分 
Izzy (Add alt. @ profile) 2013年11月1日 1時29分 
Dead Space 2.
coups83724 2013年11月1日 3時08分 
Try dead Space
Robka 2013年11月1日 4時29分 
If you want multiplayer co-op then l4d2.

If you want good game much better than dead space 1 then take Dead Space 2.

Or just get both of them.
immortalkombat 2013年11月1日 6時43分 
get L4D
Abdul Alhazred 2013年11月1日 7時20分 
If you have access to the uncut version, get L4D2. The low violence version is a f****n JOKE !!
If you haven't even finished Dead Space 1 first then you need to finish that before even touching DS2.
1PercentCritHit 2013年11月1日 7時44分 
Alright guys, thanks for all the replies. I've decided to get L4D 2. I'll probably get Dead Space 2 next time when it goes on sale.
MunkeyThrust 2013年11月1日 8時23分 
If you like head shots then L4D2 all the way.
HijackedBrain[seekingForVoices] 2013年11月1日 9時19分 
Dead Space 2 = Great single player game, around 8 hours to finish
L4D2 = Excellent multiplayer, impossible to finish because of every game of l4d2 is unique depending on your mates.
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