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*NCS*KiRA-[EST] 2013년 10월 31일 오전 6시 41분
To some new comers.
Im getting sick of being kicked by new players just because they cant make an friends only lobby. Since i usually go straight to Quick match. So make Friends only games/lobbies if you want to play with your buds. But dont go public and then start voting off and telling were waiting for an friend.
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Sacred Myths 2013년 10월 31일 오전 7시 13분 
get rokd
DeadPixel 2013년 10월 31일 오전 7시 32분 
Funny, it's usually experienced players kicking new players, not the other way around.
*NCS*KiRA-[EST] 2013년 10월 31일 오전 7시 43분 
The newcomers play mostly normal and easy i dont see the reason to kick them in the first place. Even when they suck its still better than playing with bots. I never want to ruin the experience, Always nice to have more people playing the the game. Even when two Finnish trolls tryed to kill me and one Russian at the end of Death Toll.
|B4ST4RDS| Goddess 2013년 10월 31일 오전 10시 17분 
Sometimes you start a public game when you think you have no one else, and then a friend wants to join so you ask others to keep a spot for them. It happens, but since it's usually applied to new joiners you can start lobbies or join lobbies.
Sir Shrek 2013년 10월 31일 오후 3시 09분 
I know that feeling, the community is a pain in the ♥♥♥ sometimes.
coups83724 2013년 11월 1일 오전 3시 04분 
I will only kick snobs and trolls
coups83724님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 11월 1일 오전 3시 05분
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