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ZOCOMTitan 2013年10月31日 3時19分
Buy l4d2?
Or wait for left 4 dead 3? What do guys?
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Lieutenant 2013年10月31日 3時27分 
Buy it as long as it is that cheap.
Chrome 2013年10月31日 5時08分 
i think we should wait for l4d3
Teh creative 2013年10月31日 5時09分 
If you want to wait for Left 4 Dead 3 you will wait a very VERY long time
5up3r 5p00ky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2013年10月31日 5時38分 
Don't you know that Valve can't count to 3?
Karim13 2013年10月31日 6時32分 
buy the four copeies pack and give me a copy ! lol . that would be cool lol
Forisban 2013年10月31日 8時11分 
Karim13 の投稿を引用:
buy the four copeies pack and give me a copy ! lol . that would be cool lol
you spelled copeies wrong
屁眼火辣辣 2013年10月31日 8時26分 
i think u should buy it, coz nobody knows how long will take Left 4 Dead 3 comes out
Cavebob Spongeman 2013年10月31日 11時15分 
If you want to wait for Left 4 Dead 3, you're gonna be waiting for a long time.
CoolTom1337 2013年11月1日 5時26分 
Left 4 Dead 3? That's in the section between...let's see...It'll be a long time from now, and Not gonna happen. Hey, that's the Half-Life 3 section!
mitsairafix 2013年11月1日 7時34分 
Left 4 Dead 3!!! will take some time :(
NabeUdon 2013年11月1日 7時47分 
I don't see why shouldn't you buy this. With the Workshop and all the add-on content you can play this for a very very long time.
MunkeyThrust 2013年11月1日 8時21分 
This is easy: Do you want to play now, or can you hold off from killing zombies for a couple of years?
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NabeUdon 2013年11月1日 8時52分 
^ that.

Plus right now it is really cheap, and last I logged in (which was in the past hour or so) there were still around 8000 or so people online.
Keith, Buddy Of Ellis 2013年11月1日 16時08分 
L4D3? Thats hilarious. Don't you know Valve can't count to 3?
ScorchFlamer 2013年11月1日 16時11分 
It depends if you have the patience to wait. If not then buy l4d2. It's a great game.
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