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™ Mﻥff¥ 9 ธ.ค. 2013 @ 6:02pm
long time player here. had my old account with a 4 dig steam id. got the new one when cs 1.6 came out. but here is my problem. for over 4 months i have been targeted by some guy who said have fun never playing l4d2 again after we were kickin his teams ♥♥♥. now since then the 3 of us who were playing together are constanly targted for dos attacks on servers we join. for a while i change my name at the beginning of the map rounds and that was ok unless i forgot to change it then of course lag lag lag 900 ping . i have sent over 4 reports to steam and they give me the same answer., we are looking into it. ffs i know they are not. i know for a fact the l4d2 servers from pinion cant have dos protection cause they rent them. i know for a fact that this does not happen when i play on a pro mod server. I also know they will not fix or adress it. seriously steam has dropped the ball big time with this. part of the reason steam does not care is that they are thinking buy another game or buy a new game. whatever the case. I can not play it anymore and steam cares about money not the indiviual. the fact that all of our steam id's are viewable on the web and can be mnonitored by hackers is a joke for our privacy rights. I have never encounteed this kind of malicious activity with regards to a game account ever. And for steam to ignore and pretend that its something they will look into is laughable. my advice never buy a steam game again till they fix the fact mine and your steam id is free to find on the web and the ability to add your steam id to a database that runs the routines to lag all servers you join is a joke. give us the ability to hide our steam id completly or admit fail sauce.
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™ Mﻥff¥ 9 ธ.ค. 2013 @ 6:11pm 
also o forgot to add . before you could change your name and that would fail the database dos attack from your id but i guess the hackers ahve figured out how to ciircumvent that procedure and now even a name change will not protect the servers from getting dos attacked. whats so funny is that some hackers have figurred out how to make steam worse. and left4dead 2 unplayable if your id is added to the data base. i have asked for my money back for all my games since steam in my eyes is NOT PROTECTING MY UNIQUE ID OR MY RIGHTS. THIS constant dos attack on my steam id. I have been spending money on steam games for a long time. I have over 30 game probably more on this account and now i just feel like i have been abandoned and no amount of steam tickets gives me a answer as to why my privacy rights have been violated. if someone was doing this to me on facebook or some other platform you can almost guarentee a call to local enforcement would garner a arrest.
ღ.:Ƭяιxιє:.ღ 10 ธ.ค. 2013 @ 12:43am 
My friend had this exact same problem. If i recall how he told me he fixed it was by first cutting down the number of friends on your list and groups you're in because you can be easily found in them. Secondly change your name with an undetermined amount of spaces and tilda keys so the program theyre using won't be able to pick you up. (like ~ Muffy ~ ~) Which i kinda see you doing already.

It was something like that. I can tell him to look at this thread next time i see him.
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™ Mﻥff¥ 10 ธ.ค. 2013 @ 10:32am 
for one. I have over 300 freinds. some from years and years ago and some for relevanyt games i play now. to have to deleete everyone or most of your freinds list is not a option i look forward to. this really defeats the the freinds list appeal. that was the number one reason i liked steam was because i didnt have to go into games using gamespy or other sites to find my freinds in game servers.. I have tried the Tilde key they do nothhing and now as of this week i can no longer even change my name in server to combat the dos attack . this means the hackers have now figured out how to circumvente that procedure. this means l4d2 which i paid full price for is useless . I have read many articles on what to do if this happnes but no fixs that work any more. in fact most articles i have read says steam can do nothing about the fact that your steam id even if set a private can still be found on the web.
Lane 10 ธ.ค. 2013 @ 11:42am 
use peerblocker it blocks IPs that are unknow just dont use it when your running a portforwarded server
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