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CrazyEight 2013年12月8日上午2:27
Next sale of this game?
Do you maby know when will the next sale be, is this game on every big sale event?
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mcl +1 2013年12月8日上午2:52 
buy it on other websites for 10 €
Captain Caboose 2013年12月8日上午3:31 
It's almost Christmas, it's guaranteed to be on sale at some point then.
MrCollinsy 2013年12月8日上午4:02 
It should be before or after Christmas
KAGRAN22 2013年12月8日上午5:58 
Just put it on the Whishlist.

Btw: I can't guarantee but it probably will be cheaper between 19 december and 2 january (christmas sale)
boazlaurens 2013年12月8日上午10:49 
I have a 66% off coupon I'm willing to trade
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