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St.Petar 2013年12月8日 2時27分
Next sale of this game?
Do you maby know when will the next sale be, is this game on every big sale event?
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mcl: 2013年12月8日 2時52分 
buy it on other websites for 10 €
Gimmeh Jibbs! 2013年12月8日 3時31分 
It's almost Christmas, it's guaranteed to be on sale at some point then.
MrCollinsy 2013年12月8日 4時02分 
It should be before or after Christmas
KAGRAN22 2013年12月8日 5時58分 
Just put it on the Whishlist.

Btw: I can't guarantee but it probably will be cheaper between 19 december and 2 january (christmas sale)
boazlaurens 2013年12月8日 10時49分 
I have a 66% off coupon I'm willing to trade
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