Qutsemnie 17. nov 2013 kl. 11:39pm
Is there any aRPG or MMORPG like l4d?

I am particularly thinking of the AI director in L4D and how it alters the mobs to play against you as you proceed. Is there any aRPG or MMORPG that has an element like that?

Currently most aRPG or MMORPGs are static spawns or scripted triggered events that have very little adjustments built into them based on how the group is doing. We have been finding even LoL versus bots takes more awareness than games like diablo 3, tl 2, and path of exile. I was wondering if anyone knew of exceptions, because I think l4d has demonstrated their is more to the co-op experience than moving forward through a zone that largely ignores you until you agro them

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