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Slothraki 2013年11月9日 7時44分
Crashing between levels on campaign.
Versus seems to work fine but every time I try play campaign, when the second level is about to load, my game crashed and I get the message "Engine Error - 410/ - info_transitioning_player: UTIL_SetModel: not precached:models/survivors/survivor_producer.mdl.
Can someone help me getting around this? Thanks.

Edit: Deactivated all of the mods and the game now works. Any idea what kind of mod can cause this? Thanks again
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mwob 2013年11月9日 10時19分 
It seems to be a crash that is caused by using a survivor mod.
and try to verify your game caches.
Slothraki 2013年11月9日 10時34分 
I've tried that, but i'll take a look at all my survivor related mods! Thanks!
mwob 2013年11月10日 7時08分 
I think producer.mdl is the model of Rochelle. But i can´t find a file that is called survivor_producer.mdl. Maybe it´s because you use a mod. Try first to check Rochelle´s mods.
Slothraki 2013年11月10日 9時00分 
Possibly, but the bug is still there when playing the Left 4 Dead 1 campaigns :/ Ill disable all of my character and weapon mods and let you know!
mwob 2013年11月11日 2時00分 
ok try it. Do you use dedicated servers for campaigns? Or does the error appear also on official servers?
The Minister of Chlorine 2013年11月30日 19時52分 
I keep getting this crash for the mechanic.mdl, but I have removed all of my character mods from the game. (I've even gone in and made sure that they are deleted from my addons folder.) This is seriously ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ me off.
The Minister of Chlorine 2013年12月15日 20時58分 
I have removed all player character mods (skins, model replacements, etc.) and I can play fine as long as I play by myself. (Even hosting a private game works fine.) However, if anyone else joins my game, I get the same error. WTF? Why would someone else's mod affect my server if it is client side?
mwob 2013年12月18日 4時51分 
after you removed all mods try to verify your game caches again, then it must work fine
Yoru No Shian 2013年12月29日 3時00分 
m-w-o-b の投稿を引用:
after you removed all mods try to verify your game caches again, then it must work fine

Sorry for bumping this up but I have this problem too. I've disabled all the mods and verified game cache. It works well in Singleplayer, but when I play in Multiplayer using a local server, it crashes with the same engine error as OP.
Qas 2013年12月29日 3時21分 
The banana box 2014年1月2日 12時23分 
Same problem.
Plutia 2014年1月15日 17時45分 
i have same problem with no character mods at all.
The Minister of Chlorine 2014年1月15日 18時15分 
If you have one of the HD/hi-rez common infected mods, try disabling that. It seems to have worked for me so far...
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[†]Munkee_King[†] 2014年1月15日 18時37分 
go to mods, pick all survivor mods filter, deactivate them all, and activate 1 at a time. and see which one did the error.
thats how i fixed it.
就喜欢送 2014年1月15日 18時43分 
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