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Slothraki 2013. nov. 9. @ de. 7:44
Crashing between levels on campaign.
Versus seems to work fine but every time I try play campaign, when the second level is about to load, my game crashed and I get the message "Engine Error - 410/ - info_transitioning_player: UTIL_SetModel: not precached:models/survivors/survivor_producer.mdl.
Can someone help me getting around this? Thanks.

Edit: Deactivated all of the mods and the game now works. Any idea what kind of mod can cause this? Thanks again
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mwob 2013. nov. 9. @ de. 10:19 
It seems to be a crash that is caused by using a survivor mod.
and try to verify your game caches.
Slothraki 2013. nov. 9. @ de. 10:34 
I've tried that, but i'll take a look at all my survivor related mods! Thanks!
mwob 2013. nov. 10. @ de. 7:08 
I think producer.mdl is the model of Rochelle. But i can´t find a file that is called survivor_producer.mdl. Maybe it´s because you use a mod. Try first to check Rochelle´s mods.
Slothraki 2013. nov. 10. @ de. 9:00 
Possibly, but the bug is still there when playing the Left 4 Dead 1 campaigns :/ Ill disable all of my character and weapon mods and let you know!
mwob 2013. nov. 11. @ de. 2:00 
ok try it. Do you use dedicated servers for campaigns? Or does the error appear also on official servers?
Schrödinger's Bulldozer 2013. nov. 30. @ du. 7:52 
I keep getting this crash for the mechanic.mdl, but I have removed all of my character mods from the game. (I've even gone in and made sure that they are deleted from my addons folder.) This is seriously ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ me off.
Schrödinger's Bulldozer 2013. dec. 15. @ du. 8:58 
I have removed all player character mods (skins, model replacements, etc.) and I can play fine as long as I play by myself. (Even hosting a private game works fine.) However, if anyone else joins my game, I get the same error. WTF? Why would someone else's mod affect my server if it is client side?
mwob 2013. dec. 18. @ de. 4:51 
after you removed all mods try to verify your game caches again, then it must work fine
Yoru No Shian 2013. dec. 29. @ de. 3:00 
m-w-o-b eredeti hozzászólása:
after you removed all mods try to verify your game caches again, then it must work fine

Sorry for bumping this up but I have this problem too. I've disabled all the mods and verified game cache. It works well in Singleplayer, but when I play in Multiplayer using a local server, it crashes with the same engine error as OP.
Qas 2013. dec. 29. @ de. 3:21 
The banana box 2014. jan. 2. @ du. 12:23 
Same problem.
epsilon Rose 2014. jan. 15. @ du. 5:45 
i have same problem with no character mods at all.
Schrödinger's Bulldozer 2014. jan. 15. @ du. 6:15 
If you have one of the HD/hi-rez common infected mods, try disabling that. It seems to have worked for me so far...
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[†]Munkee_King[†] 2014. jan. 15. @ du. 6:37 
go to mods, pick all survivor mods filter, deactivate them all, and activate 1 at a time. and see which one did the error.
thats how i fixed it.
3.141592653589793238462643383279 2014. jan. 15. @ du. 6:43 
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