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KawaiiHentaiBoy 01 月 21 日 @ 上午 4 時 43 分
L4D2 crashes all the time
It crashes after the loading screen when the game should start. I downloaded some add-ons, could that be the reason? They were all rated with 5 stars though. halp
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Xeno 01 月 21 日 @ 上午 5 時 56 分 
They probably conflict with one another, try removing them one at a time to see which ones conflict, and readd them on one at a time to see which ones don't work with each other.
Oppa 01 月 21 日 @ 下午 7 時 03 分 
•Try Verifying game cache (Right click On the game in your library, click on properties, go to local files, and verify integrety of game cache.)
•Try re-installing left 4 dead 2 if the above option technique doesn't help you.
•And yes, BEFORE ALL OF THE ABOVE STEPS, I would try to delete all content from your addons folder.
◘That is all I know at the moment. Hoped that worked for you
Samicats 01 月 21 日 @ 下午 8 時 34 分 
with some maps or models, I have same problems, but i just erase conflict addons & just work perfect xD
Stud 01 月 21 日 @ 下午 11 時 55 分 
i tink it haker
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