KawaiiHentaiBoy 21. tammi, 2014 4.43
L4D2 crashes all the time
It crashes after the loading screen when the game should start. I downloaded some add-ons, could that be the reason? They were all rated with 5 stars though. halp
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Xeno 21. tammi, 2014 5.56 
They probably conflict with one another, try removing them one at a time to see which ones conflict, and readd them on one at a time to see which ones don't work with each other.
=(e)= KR HYP3 21. tammi, 2014 19.03 
•Try Verifying game cache (Right click On the game in your library, click on properties, go to local files, and verify integrety of game cache.)
•Try re-installing left 4 dead 2 if the above option technique doesn't help you.
•And yes, BEFORE ALL OF THE ABOVE STEPS, I would try to delete all content from your addons folder.
◘That is all I know at the moment. Hoped that worked for you
Samicats 21. tammi, 2014 20.34 
with some maps or models, I have same problems, but i just erase conflict addons & just work perfect xD
Stud 21. tammi, 2014 23.55 
i tink it haker
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