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Godinez #REKT 14. led. 2014 v 5.21 odp.
Call of Duty Weaponds For L4d2
Can Anyone please make a :
Scout : intervention(Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)
AWP : AWP Gold
AWP : Dsr-50(Call Of Duty Black Ops 2)
Anyone gun For FAMAS(Call Of Duty Black Ops)
Thanks For Your Attention
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The Arrow 14. led. 2014 v 5.54 odp. 
It seems the, ehm, "mainstream gamers" of call of dlc and betafield have reached this game.
Only a matter of time until there will be a petition for autoheal and call-ins.
[†]Munkee_King[†] 14. led. 2014 v 6.57 odp. 
well. you can learn to mod, or check l4dmaps.com

and get ready for some hate maybe, cuz alot of left4dead players suck at call of duty so they trash talk it. lol.
Stark Raven 14. led. 2014 v 9.53 odp. 
Funny thing about that, as one modder said, MW models are "as ♥♥♥♥♥♥ as Valve's".
Modders can do more with independently made models than those from Cawwa Doody.
And half of those weapons require animation, which takes time and effort to look good. Animators are in short supply.
Godinez #REKT 16. led. 2014 v 9.32 dop. 
thanks for all the messanges :D
i try to make the scout like the intervention or send a messange to someone make for me D:
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