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SmackYOface 1月14日上午8:34
why am i lvl 0
it says i got the 1 game badge and the pillar of community but why am i level 0 please help someone
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Kris19275 1月14日上午9:16 
You have to have Steam guard
SPIDER 1月14日上午10:03 
Collect collection of cards and craft it
alxwm 1月14日下午7:38 
had the same issue... did u reset your pass recently? did u change computer on which u use steam? if u did any of those, your acc will be kinda limited in addition to already being partially limited if u haven't bought any game...
RATT 1月14日下午9:54 
You (runner.armadilou38) need at least one retail game in you steam account to start gain XP. In your case i see you have TF2 and L4D2 (get from last xmas gift event i guest) both games dont count as retail (i.e you even´t use Workshop). See steam forum for more info.
Steamguard need to be 15 days active to start trade. A friend of mine have the same issue he complete badge buy cant gain any XP from anything cus he have l4d2 and some other f2p game.
最后由 RATT 编辑于; 1月14日下午9:56
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