Kawaii Morning™ Jan 12 @ 11:53pm
Mouse not working.
After installing and playing L4D2 with some mods, my cursor keeps on getting fixing to one spot and i cannot shoot or do anything which requires a mouse. This is irritating and im wondering if this is happening to anyone else. When it starts working again it makes the sound you hear if you plug in a device through the usb ports. Exiting out of stean seems to be the only way to fix it.
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Kawaii Morning™ Jan 12 @ 11:53pm 
This is also happening outside of the game, just having steam open, but less frequent.
S_Baldrick Feb 26 @ 7:11pm 
I have the same problem, though just L4D2 and not steam. Unplugging and replugging it in doesn't seem to do anything. The problem then resolves itself "spontaneously", but I'm either dead or near death at that point.
( o Y o ) Feb 27 @ 3:18am 
The sensor in your mouse is possibly dirty or broken or you are using the wrong surface type.

m-w-o-b Feb 27 @ 4:53am 
maybe your mouse is just technically broken? cause you said " it makes the sound you hear if you plug in a device through the usb ports". my friend has exact this problem, too with his joypad. so if your mouse is unplugged by itself, i think you have to reboot your pc if it have to work again. buy a new mouse should solve it I think.
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Kawaii Morning™ Feb 27 @ 10:52pm 
I replaced my mouse and it was all better :)
nnn Feb 28 @ 12:01am 
Plug it.
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