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凸Electric Boogaloo jan. 11. @ de. 2:26
Boomer bile bug
In Death Toll, where the forklift is, the fence dead ahead (before you take a left into the archway), if you throw the boomer bile over the fence, all the zombies become docile. It appears that I threw the boomer bile out of bounds, causing the zombies not to chase after it, and instead loop into attacking animation. It affects all the zombies on the map. Once the boomer bile wears out, they return to normal.
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Co6akaBcexCnacaka jan. 11. @ de. 4:25 
Как жаль, что я не знаю английского
DarkTuga™ jan. 11. @ de. 4:34 
MunkeyThrust jan. 11. @ de. 8:27 
I'll have to check that out.
Bulldogs jan. 11. @ de. 9:14 
happens on all maps as far as i recall, they ahve no path finding to reach the area so they stand around until the bile wears out.
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