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SCRUMPADOOCHOUS! 2014年1月7日下午3:42
Why does everyone call H@x
Just played literally my FIRST game of versus on the pc version of left 4 dead 2(i spent a whole summer on xbox playing the game mode so i know how things roll). I join in and my teams getting stomped, 300 to 850ish. We pull ahead in the next chapter, and half the opposing team leaves.. We end up getting a flawless finally and on the second tank this ♥♥♥♥♥ from the infected team is all of a sudden calling me a "botter" and a "hacker". This is what tipped him over the edge. This idiot named GameGuru-GG- is smoking my teammate, i'm standing on the stage of dark carnival and he's in the stands behind some scaffolding. I see the smoke, my teammates getting choked, so i throw a clip of Scar-H into the scaffolding and somehow hit the smoker (GameGuru). Next thing i know this guys saying "this is going on youtube fuzzy" "Nice botting fuzzy" "I'm recording fuzzy you botter" "just sent a report fuzzy"... I'm a very casual player, and have never downloaded hacks or cheats or used them in anyway. My accounts 4 years old without a single ban. So does this video of my pure luck put me in danger of a ban? It worrys my in a way... I usually pass this stuff off and forget about it but the questions i'm wondering are:

-Will valve even concider using a video of my lucky shot as proof of "botting"
-Wtf is he talking about when he means "botting" XD
-Is there alot of idiots like this in the l4d2 community?
-Do people actually cheat at pub left 4 dead 2? :o
-Is there any servers i can go to just to have fun and not be called a cheater?

Long post i know, but i'm pretty new to the left 4 dead pc community, and tbh it seems worst than xbox if you can belive that.. Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer some of these stupid ♥♥♥ questions for me!
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JellyDogeJello 2014年1月7日下午3:46 
New to the communty, you have lots to learn. But thats just a very High level of rage when your called a hacker, and I wouldn't worry about it.
SCRUMPADOOCHOUS! 2014年1月7日下午3:48 
Thanks man. I was very active in the xbox community back in my left 4 dead 1 days, when my pc could barely do a search without crashing! Gonna be sticking around left 4 dead pc as long as i can find groups of people who aren't raging idiots!
Disconnect: mingeing 2014年1月7日下午3:52 
Btw: Valve cant ban you without VAC detecting hacks, and the worst possible thing that happenes with you is a false positive, and if you get one of those by any chance then send an email to valve and they will probbaly fix it up.
ღ.:тяιχιє:.ღ 2014年1月7日下午3:53 
I made my own thread about this a while back. Its just easier to believe someone is hacking opposed to admitting that theyre just a better player than you are. Of course there really are alot of people that do hack because theres nothing that can be done to stop hacking. So the line between being a good player, and a hacker is very blurry...
最后由 ღ.:тяιχιє:.ღ 编辑于; 2014年1月7日下午3:54
SCRUMPADOOCHOUS! 2014年1月7日下午3:55 
Yeah. It was a sour first match tbh... I have always had decently good aim, i have fairly good wrist muscle memory so sniper in tf2 got my alot of: "fuzzy is haxing" "fuzzy has an aimbot"... When in reality i'm not that good XD Just some blind luck here of there.. Thanks for the feedback guys, good to hear this is a normal occurance in pub l4d2..
最后由 SCRUMPADOOCHOUS! 编辑于; 2014年1月7日下午3:56
.. 2014年1月7日下午4:07 
time for massive uninstalling.
Stouleki 2014年1月17日下午6:37 
Lol Guru is dumb, you're just pro mate, I've been accused and "reported" from so-called "HAX"
in TF2, and what's this?! I'm not banned lol, the guy who reported me is a dumb noob
[†]Munkee_King[†] 2014年1月17日下午7:06 
consider it a honor to be called a hacker.. means you are that good.
DeadpoolKaiju 2014年1月17日下午7:20 
When you hear people say this they most likely are not recording and just want to scare you for making them mad.
[†]Munkee_King[†] 2014年1月17日下午7:20 
did u say you killed him with a clip? how do you do that?
DeadpoolKaiju 2014年1月17日下午7:22 
引用自 †Munkee†
did u say you killed him with a clip? how do you do that?

lol. He just meant he shot a full clip into the scaffolding.
[†]Munkee_King[†] 2014年1月17日下午7:23 
SinKwang 2014年1月17日下午8:38 
|x|SiriuS|x| 2014年1月18日上午4:34 
The Righteous Rulez Of Stupid, The God Of Online Gaming

The Book of Hackers and Noobs

1.1 If you are better than me, you are a hacker and/or aimbot.
1.2 If you are worse than me, you are a noob.
1.3 There is no middle ground, because I am the center of the Universe.

Sadly, many players go by these laws. I got something like this from other games.
Most likely those were real newbies who just ape everything they hear, because it is
convienient for them.
They read about hackers and aimbots, so of course they fall back on that when they
get downed (either by lucky shot or skill) and call you a hacker because obviously
they are better than you so there is no way you could have done what you did.

I wouldn't worry, really. As stated above, Valve usually doesn't ban just because
kids shout "HACK" and send them worthless "evidence"
最后由 |x|SiriuS|x| 编辑于; 2014年1月18日上午4:34
Duckieees 2014年1月18日上午5:58 
Hmm. But some are really really obvious. Lemme know if u find these traits form a "hacker". I wont say the name, but... here it goes.... The few instances i felt it's okay to call a hacker. This all happened in a SAME game, so i doubt it's luck.

1. Biled, and with mobs on him, being able to crown a witch with a shotgun perfectly well. (when u cant even see ur cursor / mobs affecting crosshair accuracy since he's mobbed)
2. Biled and downed, using a deagle to snap a smoker's tongue at like....(in Dead center, downed at car, and able to deagle-snap a tongue stranggling a person by the lift)
3. Pre-aiming at Halos before we spawn, and doing insane headshots/OHKOs just after spawn (not even a squeak is made)

And the finale.... we won by like.... a mere 20. His whole team was downed. Took like a Tank+Hunter+Charger to get him? Seriously. If this aint hax. Idk what issit called.
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