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Rigam0rti5 jan. 2. @ du. 6:12
I have my computers brightness set to max and same with l4d2 but when i play the screens still dark and the flashlight will make the clicking sound but wont turn on, need this bug fixed. I did verify the game cache to
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Yamii Vance-Kurloz Makara febr. 21. @ du. 1:10 
I have the same problem my flashlight works on only certian things though, like my friends fire axe or metal tables ect but everything else it doesn't work making it impossible for me to find anything in dark places without almost getting lost! Some help would be nice!
MasterOfPeelz febr. 21. @ du. 1:13 
Press F to turn the flashlight on
*****R***** febr. 21. @ du. 3:33 
You running an nVidia card? Seen this thread?
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TheMasterBlaster™ febr. 21. @ du. 4:42 
zuse the forum search for Gods sake. There are many threads about this recently. Don't be lazy.
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