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hehe 2014年1月1日上午7:08
realism expert
hi i am starting to play realism expert, wondering if any players interested to try, i am trying to find a good team on this.. add me :)
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J.C. Houston 2014年1月2日上午3:52 
could be an challenge but would be worth a try
KisameFishman 2014年1月2日上午3:59 
Are you ready for realism expert thats the question?
Roland Culé 2014年1月2日上午4:08 
dat troll
cease 2014年1月2日上午4:34 
Singapore ?? Then we are not getting together :D
|B4ST4RDS| Sophia - brb 2014年1月2日上午5:09 
Sure. Ping might be bad, I'm alright with not more than 180 though.
hehe 2014年1月2日上午9:24 
:( yeah i am from singapore, can try thou
avidgamer2000 2014年1月7日下午1:44 
Anyone play contagion?? i like its realism but not sure if l4d2 is similar or still feels arcade.
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