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Shylaverse 2013年12月31日上午7:20
Question: Why does everyone hate on Coach?
There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with Coach, as far as I can tell.
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Soundpulse 2013年12月31日上午7:34 
Last time I checked nobody hated Coach.
Shylaverse 2013年12月31日上午8:14 

Last time I checked nobody hated Coach.
I know a lot of peeps who hate coach
MunkeyThrust 2013年12月31日上午8:15 
Coach is cool
Mr. Alex 2013年12月31日上午8:15 
I think i will start my "Question: Why does everyone hate on Nick?" thread.
MunkeyThrust 2013年12月31日上午8:16 
Nick is cool.
teeto 2013年12月31日上午8:20 
Coach is funny, therefore he is okay
Ambessasa 2013年12月31日上午8:20 
He's black

and the mystery is solved!
J1KTheGamer 2013年12月31日上午9:02 
Last time I checked nobody hated Coach.
yes apart from the fact that he has a strange love for chicken watermellon and rap music
Rylium 2013年12月31日上午9:03 
Love his commentary.. Don't hate on the Coach!
Zerpingo 2013年12月31日上午9:19 
I don't hate coach, I just replaced him with duke nukem and now I am happy :)
Shylaverse 2014年1月29日上午9:16 
Ok, okay. Almost everyone I know hated on coach, probably because he's black.
Cable Hogue 2014年1月29日上午9:41 
Coach's ok, Louis is a real inspiration for haters!
☣CXX 2014年1月29日上午9:45 
All of my friends hate Ellis, love Coach
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Andrade-IV 2014年1月29日上午10:05 
I don´t hate "Uncle Phill"...er...Coach...
Nhanderu 2014年1月29日上午10:20 
引用自 Andrade-IV
I don´t hate "Uncle Phill"...er...Coach...
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