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Roler42 2013년 12월 27일 오후 2시 34분
Advice for all newcomers
First: Welcome to one of the best co-op games of the past generation of gaming

second: don't expect friendly treatment from veterans, most L4D players want to play to win, the gameplay style of the game doesn't allow for teaching the ropes step by step, to avoid rude comments and getting constantly kicked I recommend you this:

Play singleplayer on beginner: The best way to learn the ropes of the game is playing by yourself

Learn the maps, routes, learn the music cues for every special infected, also learn the cues for when a horde is coming and learn the right spots to camp while facing a horde

Get the hang on how the special infected work and their attack patterns, if you want to play versus you will have to learn all this if you want to lead your team to win

Play with friends that have experience at this: The only people with enough patience to teach you the ropes are your friends, if you know someone who plays the game, then ask them to play with you so you learn what I mentioned above

Now... If you get kicked, remember, don't get upset, veterans aren't jerks, they are simply saving you from having an unpleasant time

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starboy 2013년 12월 27일 오후 2시 40분 
Albo_full 2013년 12월 27일 오후 2시 42분 
i'm used to comunities being ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s to new players, my advice, just keep playing, this game is great
cyanisaac 2013년 12월 27일 오후 2시 46분 
I have no idea if veterans are jerks. I've played L4D2 a lot recently (since it was free, thank you Valve) and I've encountered nobody who's been rude towards me. Nobody. And I have NEVER been kicked. So I think you might be wrong about that.
phaethon42 2013년 12월 27일 오후 2시 47분 
Wow...2nd "noob-friendly" post on the front page. I'm impressed with the friendliness of this community :)
Yo-No 2013년 12월 27일 오후 2시 50분 
i've never been votekicked out o.o
Riptide 2013년 12월 27일 오후 3시 32분 
The veterans I've played with actually took the time to device strategies and show me the ropes.
CrazyDanB97 2013년 12월 27일 오후 3시 48분 
"veterans" lol
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