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Chet 2013年12月25日上午10:34
Holiday Gift Giving Time!
To celebrate the holidays in a special way this year, Left 4 Dead 2 will be free until 10AM PST 12/26.

It will be free as in, grab it now, pay no money, and it is yours to keep forever – FOR FREE!

To claim your L4D2 gift, all you need to do is install it.

To help spread the holiday cheer, all current players can earn the achievement – Ghost of Christmas Present – Spread cheer by helping a free holiday player survive a campaign.

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dayvan 2013年12月25日上午10:35 
Thank you so much, finally my friends can play with me!
最后由 dayvan 编辑于; 2013年12月25日上午10:38
Antiriver13 2013年12月25日上午10:36 
Wish you would have an alternative for the people who already bought it
Thanks Valve. <3
Ani 2013年12月25日上午10:37 
Looking for someone to help me with the new achievement. Send me a friend request if you are a new player
☢LordMiki☢ 2013年12月25日上午10:37 
Thank you so match <3
My thanks to you, Valve. It's a great gift.
Yournansballs 2013年12月25日上午10:42 
Thank you Valve, :)
DaftDriv3r 2013年12月25日上午10:43 
Why don't you Valve give the money for the ones who buyed it?
Comman 2013年12月25日上午10:43 
Thank you :=O :)
Crying MAGIKARP 2013年12月25日上午10:44 
Have I to download it until tomorrow?
最后由 Crying MAGIKARP 编辑于; 2013年12月25日上午10:45
Sharcman 2013年12月25日上午10:45 
Yea Valve, you should have a few games to chose from for people who already own it.
HOLY MOLY KEVVENSKI 2013年12月25日上午10:46 
i already own it give me something else ? or give me it as a gift ? so i can give it away :3
Fine_Print 2013年12月25日上午10:49 
Dang.. I already had this one but thanks for an epic holiday giveaway to those who didnt have it!
Nuator 2013年12月25日上午10:50 
Theophrastus 2013年12月25日上午10:53 
So...seeking a bit of clarification here. After I've installed the game once, can I then uninstall it if I need/want to and still have the game registered to my account to download later, or do I only "have" it for as long as I keep it installed on my hard-drive?

Of course, thanks for the gift regardless, Valve.
最后由 Theophrastus 编辑于; 2013年12月25日上午10:56
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