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Exocraze 2013. dec. 20. @ de. 10:39
Is it hard for everyone to find lobbies now?
Just tried playing the MP with a friend again after not playing for a while, and we can't find a lobby to save our lives.
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cease 2013. dec. 20. @ du. 1:33 
I do not have that problem. As I wrote in another thread....

At this moment I have these games available:
Campaign: 56
Versus: 43
Realism: 6
Realism Versus: 5
Survival: 5
Scavenge 6

I'd say there are plenty :D I'm in northern Europe.

Remember that you only see games "close" to you and games that are not full !

Serverbrowser reports 2877 servers online.
KAZAM | ElGrapadura 2013. dec. 20. @ du. 1:44 
Got the same problem.
Tzafad 2013. dec. 20. @ du. 5:47 
I Win Flawless Victory Fatality eredeti hozzászólása:
L4D2 is a global game. Meaning no matter where you are at people from all over the world can join your game and you can join theres. I had people from china,japan,antartica,russian all join my server that is based in the USA. So only seeing games close to you is not true. On my server I have a plugin that tells you where there ip address is coming from and after their name it puts the country they are in like say Deer in Headlights [CN] Which would mean they are in china.

Are you using the actual server browser?

Or just the default one.
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