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mwob 2013年12月20日上午3:59
Why is the thread 'Left 4 Dead 3 brain storming' closed by a moderator?
Does anyone know why the thread 'Left 4 Dead 3 brain storming' is closed by a moderator?
link: http://steamcommunity.com/app/550/discussions/0/666825525199609911/
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تيتنفل_Zack Zack Pinkie Pie 2013年12月20日上午5:18 
I know right,, it sucks. It was really fun posting there.
MunkeyThrust 2013年12月20日上午5:57 
Perhaps Valve had mined all of the ideas they needed to proceed with L4D3.
Justice 2013年12月20日上午11:04 
I can't wait for that game :D
IDLE: Capt Turd 2013年12月20日下午12:27 
Steam "Discussions" in l4d2 seem to have this issue, it should be renamed steam discuss what we want you to discuss, if ail to see how that thread was worthy of being locked.
Cavebob Spongeman 2013年12月20日下午1:32 
It was relatively fun taking apart people's bad ideas to figure out why Left 4 Dead is so fun. I just hope MunkeyThrust is wrong about idea mining, there were some phenomenally bad ones in that discussion.
Major Vox 725A 2013年12月21日上午6:26 
same thing with mine if you ask me the moderators and admins are abusing there powers if they don't like somthing they will block it .
mwob 2013年12月21日上午6:40 
The thread 'Left 4 Dead 3 brain storming' is open again :)
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