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Dynamic Duo 2013년 12월 18일 오후 4시 16분
Looping sound and freezes for left 4 dead 2
when i bought my left 4 dead 2 and i played it the first time it worked and i restart the game and i started it up again and it started freezes and the looping sound i get this error when i close the game
this is the picture of the error PLZ HELP ME
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Buck 2013년 12월 18일 오후 9시 56분 
the "looping sound" is a side effect, not a symptom.
You need to update your graphics driver.
NaStY КΘΜβiИΣ ΛzzдzziИ 2013년 12월 20일 오전 1시 54분 
I noticed that on my computer too, it was the same time I noticed cars sitting outside my house all hours of the day and night. The same cars with the same people inside. Then one day someone knocked on my door and asked why my computer has a looping sound. My jaw just dropped.
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