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The L4D2 versus community.
This thread is to descuss the awfulness of the current L4D2 versus community.

From what i see, there are 4 types of people that play L4D2 versus.

Group 1: The super sereous hardcore players.

These people are the ones that expect exact perfect play from you, or you are votekicked.

Group 2: The Super-casuals/extreme newbs

These people make up a large portion of the L4D2 versus community. You know, the ones that do not communicate at all and waste a tank when a car is clearly there to incap all 4 survivors, insted they try to chace one guy.

Group 3: The griefers/trolls.

You know, the ones that jump off bridges and kill them selves when they are the tank

Group 4: The happy mediums(I am here)(EXTREMELY RARE)

These are the people that communicate with their team, without expecting godly play or votekick.

This is just a vent thread for me, so feel free to vent.
Left 4 Dead 2 > Discussions générales > Détails du sujet