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juckt 2014年5月17日上午8:11
l4d1 animations?
is there a addon or something that works? l4d2 animations are horribly bad
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Guest User 2014年5月17日上午9:28 
say what? check grain film, and texture quality
Ninjaforce 2014年5月18日上午8:06 
There's a mod called "Back to Left 4 Dead 2" (Or something like that) and it makes the weapons have a lot better animations
Mr. Alex 2014年5月18日上午8:18 
Some of the l4d1 animations are added to l4d2 recently, for example the pointing, when a survivor spots an SI and points that way.

Other than that i dont see difference between l4d1 and l4d2 animations, but i might be wrong.
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