AnGeR May 13 @ 6:58am
Jockey bug
This bug happens this way:
You get jockeyed, you walk into the fire, jockey takes damage from fire but only when its inside of fire. When jockey gets out of the fire, fire damage disappears.
You can see it here:
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Nosfrat May 13 @ 10:23am 
Maybe because the Jockey itself is five feet above the fire, so he only takes damage from the heat and doesn't catch on fire?
I'm pretty sure this isn't a bug.
AnGeR May 13 @ 10:59am 
@Tirek, that makes no sense for me, nothing in this game takes damage ''from the heat'', You burn or you don't ;p
AnGeR Aug 28 @ 11:15am 
So, does anyone any way to tell this bug to developers so they can fix it? Please.
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