ScottyDawg3 May 2 @ 8:51am
looking for a team
Hi, I run a really small (like really small) twitch channel and I am looking for a team to play with while I stream. I want mature players only. (If someone in my current team is an a hole I will just ask again to replace them) at any rate you don't have to play everytime I just want some people to play so I'm not shooting in the dark to find decent players.
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Ṩilent Macabre May 2 @ 11:41am 
I've also been looking for a group to play with. I prefer small tactical teams of like 4-6 people...... The only problem I'm having is looking for the right people to play with. So........... You can add me if you want.
Wild Card May 2 @ 1:03pm 
Mind sharing your twitch channel? Would be really interested in seeing some L4D2 streaming :V
grafine May 2 @ 1:08pm 
you can add me too as i'm looking for mature players at advance/expert level
SquirtingSally Aug 16 @ 9:30pm 
If you are still looking for people to play with, i'm game.
Rad N' Plaid Aug 16 @ 11:34pm 
Add me to the mix. I'm waiting on a new graphics card, but it should be here early this week.
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