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Mommy Apr 29, 2014 @ 7:03am
L4D2 tech support guide?
I like making guides, figured one with the most common problems seen in this forum would help out a bit.

So far I was thinking: basic troubleshooting first (PC overheating, GPU driver stuff, etc), then L4D2 things like verifying files, -insecure errors, missing textures, broken addons, workshop issues. Also various tactics like using net_graph to check FPS and ping, how to avoid or save certain servers, installing SourceMod for local hosts, running dedicated servers. Maybe a super basic introduction to creating/modifying mods.

I already have guides up for consistency errors, local hosting, and installing addons, figured I could combine them in this one.

Any other suggestions for topics covered, or frequent errors brought up on these forums that should be addressed? I'd like to put in some things for specific operating systems- Windows is easy and the most common, but I don't know what are some Linux-specific or common errors and consequently how to solve them, and absolutely no experience here with Macs.

If any of you guys who frequently post help on these forums would want to collaborate, that would be awesome, especially anyone with network issues experience/knowledge.
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