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Miss-Chibi-Godd 2014년 4월 27일 오후 8시 04분
favorite special n why =3
favorite special n why =3 be honest lol.
whos your least fav and why?

Smoker is kinky, tie u up and have his way with u.
Charger is the rough kinky type of way with you
Hunter is the rapey kinky having way with you.
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Mizuhashi Parsee 2014년 4월 27일 오후 8시 16분 
Hunter mostly because of the cool (and jealousy inducing) hoodie
|B4ST4RDS| Sophia 2014년 4월 27일 오후 8시 16분 
Hunters are cool... they're easily stopped, but if you miss, they'll kill you quickly. Jockeys suck, their AI is inconsistent and they occasionally have 0 recharge/fatigue time.
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