Miss-Chibi-Godd 27. Apr. um 20:04 Uhr
favorite special n why =3
favorite special n why =3 be honest lol.
whos your least fav and why?

Smoker is kinky, tie u up and have his way with u.
Charger is the rough kinky type of way with you
Hunter is the rapey kinky having way with you.
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Mizuhashi Parsee 27. Apr. um 20:16 Uhr 
Hunter mostly because of the cool (and jealousy inducing) hoodie
[linux] sophia hapgood 27. Apr. um 20:16 Uhr 
Hunters are cool... they're easily stopped, but if you miss, they'll kill you quickly. Jockeys suck, their AI is inconsistent and they occasionally have 0 recharge/fatigue time.
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