Minnedota Apr 10 @ 8:37pm
No Mercy Bug?
Hey folks.

Tonight we were playing a 10v10 Vs match (though it wasn't quite a "full" 10v10) of No Mercy. During Chapter Four (Hospital), the opposing team was heading up the elevator to the roof access floor saferoom. As the Tank, I was waiting by the door with the movable obstruction (I forget what it was...not the forklift though) near the elevator door. Obviously, the intent was to bulldog the entire party as they tried to exit. As the elevator arrived at the top, the "weapon" disappeared and ultimately the elevator doors never opened (we waited awhile).

Anyone ever had this happen?
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Minnedota Apr 11 @ 7:05am 
I should say this seems different than the well known bug in this Chapter involving the elevator.
Smoking A Holiday Spliff Apr 11 @ 7:09am 
This has happened to me in a few games in vs. The only thing that could be done was for the survivours to kill them selfs. We waited like 15 minutes and the doors never opened so that was the only thing they could do.
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