ricoaller Apr 8 @ 6:49am
Hunting rifle mod?
Got anyone a nice mod for the hunting rifle? I think there are only boring mods. Do anyone know if there is a mod like an barrett or something like?
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BoneheaD Apr 8 @ 7:01am 
Nobody has really made any mods to make the hunting rifle into a barret... seeing as it's a hunting rifle.... The military rifle may have a barret mod. The one I use for the hunting rifle is the carbine... search for it, it's pretty well done.
ricoaller Apr 8 @ 7:07am 
hm i know it but i like only heavy snipers, so no little carabine -.- now im sad xD
But i found a nice mod, its a rifle von cs and it looks nice
Pelaf Apr 8 @ 7:15am 
The M1 Carbine is my personal favorite, it looks great, just like a real one. But since it isn't your kind of thing, look for the Fallout Hunting Rifle mod, that one wasn't bad either.
ricoaller Apr 8 @ 7:36am 
ok thx ^^
^1B.o.B ^9CrackerNugget Apr 8 @ 7:51am 
I have a mod that turns it into an M14 EBR if you're interested.
ricoaller Apr 8 @ 7:58am 
hm no thanks i like the cs mode best
Captain Caboose Apr 8 @ 11:31am 
There are mods that turn the Hunting Rifle into a Barrett, but there aren't any real animations for it and the model is from a CS:S port. Not great.
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