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luckydog32 Apr 3, 2014 @ 1:34pm
Best / Worst parts from l4d2? (Ideas will be put into a custom map)
So I'm working on a custom campaign map and im trying to get a feel for what everybody thinks about each level.

So what is your:

-Favorite / Least Favorite Campaign

-Favorite / Least Favorite Finale

-Favorite / Least Favorite Campaign location

-Campaign with the best length

-Predetermined tank spawns (like the first level on the sacrafice) vs random tank spawns

-Walking vs Sitting witches

-Anything else you can think of

Welp lets see where this goes.
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Hesus (Banned) Apr 3, 2014 @ 4:25pm 
For now, I will list the best and most memorable moments from the game that made me say "wow" after playing them for the first time.

Gun shop (Dead Center)
The ability to play with any weapon in the entire game with laser site attached gave me a sense of freedom and power. The fact there is a gauntlet crescendo right after helped me get used to every weapon and was just kinda cool to be in.

Roller coaster (Dark Carnival)
A gauntlet crescendo on a rollercoaster...Awesome. The fact you have to watch out for smokers below and chargers above makes this a challenge, and the whole thing is varied in terrain and free to explore. One of the best examples of level-design in the whole game.

Concert (Dark Carnival)
Bashing zombies with guitars on a concert stage with fireworks everywhere and rock music in the backround, along with custom tank themes made this the best finale in the game!

Nothing (Swamp Fever)
Swamp fever was boring.

Sugar mill (Hard Rain)
Hard rain may be my least favourite campaign, but the first time you enter the sugar mill was really terrifying. The place will have atlease 10 witches, even on your first playthrough. Special infected and hordes, mixed with the field and the witches make this one of the most dangerous levels. When it was over, you either think "We better not get anymore god forsaken witches" or "Man, crowning dem witches sure is fun!"

Impound lot (The Parish)
My favourite moment in the entire game. You have to sneak past several car alarms while silently killing the zombies. This section is basically hard rain's sugar mill only x10 harder. The alarms take up a large portion of the small area, and it felt like the only part of the game where stealth was involved. When you first poke your head out of the hole and look around you, you know your f*cked.

Bridge (The Parish)
The last level in the entire game. Running from one end of a large bridge to the other while fighting off an endless horde of infected made this great. It is arguably better than dark carnival's finale since you always have to keep moving. Tactics and teamplay is your friend, and by the time you reach this level after hours of playtime...you put on your sunglasses and say to yourself "....Let's do this..."


Gas station (No mercy)
I deviced either used to look at and say "oooooooooohhhhh", or blow up the entire team and say "trolololololololololololololololol".

Plane crash (Dead Air)
Not going to explain this one. It was just epic and made the game truly feel apocolyptic and helpless.

I will Add more later.

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luckydog32 Apr 3, 2014 @ 5:03pm 
Damn way to go all out! Interesting that you named the gun shop as your one of your favorite parts of the game, might be a good starting point for a finale safe house. I do agree that the finales where you have to keep moving tend to be the most fun but I feel forcing constant movement especially on VS can be a bit overwhelming. Perhaps a good compromise would be to have hold out areas where you fight for a while, then funnel through a linear section to the next area. But yeah lots of valuable insight in that post, will come in handy!
Hesus (Banned) Apr 3, 2014 @ 6:54pm 
Glad I could help! Thank you for taking my insites!

In regards to the questions above...

Favourite campaign = No mercy
Least favourite campaign = Hard rain

Favourite finale = The parish
Least favourite finale = Hard rain

Favourite location = Dead air
Least favourite location = Swamp fever

Predetermined tank spawns are always better since the enviroment is usually designed for it.

Sitting witches are better since they are more dangerous.

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