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[Fs]FluX Apr 2, 2014 @ 10:22am
FluXiService - Game Hosting Provider
FluXiService - Game Hosting Provider - http://www.fluxiservice.com
Some reasons on how we are:
• Low Price & Ping - Two things that most admins care about the most, price and ping. We will garentee you low prices and low pings to help garentee quality service.

• FREE Instant Setup - There is NO WAITING after you have set your order. Your server will be up within 5 minutes with the details sent to your email. This will allow you to customise your server and start straight away.

• FREE TCAdmin Control Panel - This gives you full control over your server. You will be getting this control panel FREE with every server you order. Very easily usable with such great control.

• Great Support - We take pride in supporting you to make sure you have the best quality and time used up for your server. We train regularly on making sure we know the questions and answers to what you want. We will make sure all services are up and running as you will expect it to be, but you.

• Quality Network - We have made sure we are on a top notch network to make sure that the connections are as good as the service.

Now seems we're new, we are allowing limitations on sponsors right now. Our games are increasing as the longer we are but to get to that stage, we need to expand. With sponsoring we will give the first month free and the next month with the 20% off which we give any normal first orders.

On top of all of this, all first orders will get a 20% discount by using the promotional code "welcome".

If anyone has any questions, I will be glad to answer them on any case of the subject. Hope to hear from some of you soon, happy hunting!

FluX - Owner of FluXiService.

P.S. Curently only hosting in the EU right now but will be hosting in USA hopefully by the end of today/tomorrow. Keep an eye out!
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[Fs]FluX Apr 12, 2014 @ 8:33am 
USA is now live. I apologise for the time it took as we ran into a few problems. Remember, this is a temporary USA server until we get our own official one which at the end, will get a free transfer across. I even will transfer all servers across myself if people would prefer that. The server is located in Atlanta.

Link: http://multigameservers.com/order/cart.php
Myself and my staff will be supporting on their the same as if it is on our own website.

Hope to see some faces grabbing their 20% off with the welcome code "welcome".
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