Exo ® Mar 31 @ 2:29pm
WTF is wrong with server refresh?
Or whatever it is called.
=> I wanna join a lobby in versus, good, I see 3 freakin lobbies for Blood Harvest => joining => 3 games remaining.... => 2 games remaining => 1 game remaining => creating your own lobby...
Yet, the 3 lobbies will stay in the list for like 10 min!!! Even ythough they don't exist anymore apparently, I am not exagerating, 10 min with ghost lobbies.

Isn't it possible to have a better "server refresh rate" ??

I know this problem has been there since day1, I had it on xbox too, but IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO TO HELP WITH THIS ISSUE?? It is driving me insane...
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Exo ® Apr 1 @ 3:19am 
patibulaire30 Apr 1 @ 6:41am 
it's s....ks
me too.. this game kiding me!
Exo ® Apr 1 @ 8:04am 
Originally posted by ᅚᅚ:

Well I like starting a game from the start for one.
And 90% of the times I join a "quickmatch" I end up in a ridiculous game, 2 min before the end or in a team with 200 points on round 4...
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