Joshified Mar 29, 2014 @ 7:28pm
All your workshop addons not loading? Heres a fix.
Take all of your addons from the l4d2 workshop out of the workshop folder and put them into your addons folder. Delete the workshop folder inside your addons folder now. Don't log into l4d2 yet. now go to your internet browser and type l4d2 workshop and click subscribed items and unsubscribe from them. now close out and start l4d2. Enjoy having ALL your addons and not having to wait for addons to load (which don't load from the workshop half the time.)
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[†]Munkee_King[†] Mar 29, 2014 @ 7:32pm 
or, and just what I did.
since you can go up to 50, get 50 that you really want that is only on workshop, and get the rest on l4dmaps.
Joshified Mar 29, 2014 @ 7:49pm 
you can bypass the limit this way though
[†]Munkee_King[†] Mar 29, 2014 @ 7:51pm 
Originally posted by The Avenger:
you can bypass the limit this way though

I dont see why someone would need to.
I pretty much everything, like weapon skins, characters, infected, sky, levels, bile, etc, in the 50 area.
Joshified Mar 29, 2014 @ 7:53pm 
I have everything also, cinematic lights, skyboxes, color correction, everything reskinned in hd and im over the 50
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