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Black Lynx 28/mar/2014 às 16:05
Left 4 Dead 3???
when will release Left 4 dead 3 ????
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[†]Munkee_King[†] 28/mar/2014 às 16:37 
The future.
bunnyrut 28/mar/2014 às 17:55 
when they release Half-Life 3
Poyo-Sama 28/mar/2014 às 18:39 
Sometime between now and my death.
Killer007 28/mar/2014 às 18:48 
Chaos Stalker 28/mar/2014 às 19:37 
Well I overheard in one of the places I hang out. That most likely it will be 6 months after Half Life 3. Wich according to the rumors I am Hearing will be exactly on ahhh ohhhh combine ........urghkk ughh...............
Weesnaw 28/mar/2014 às 19:58 
Its not Left For Dead 3, its Left For Dead 2.1, Valve can't count to three.
[†]Munkee_King[†] 28/mar/2014 às 20:01 
Escrito originalmente por Weesnaw the Marksman:
Its not Left For Dead 3, its Left For Dead 2.1, Valve can't count to three.

dear god, how long until this joke stops being "funny"
Weesnaw 28/mar/2014 às 20:01 
It's fact.
SuperSomethings 28/mar/2014 às 20:16 
Too bad there's 3 counter strike games...
Weesnaw 28/mar/2014 às 20:16 
But none of them are labeled Counter Strike: 3 are they huh.
SuperSomethings 28/mar/2014 às 20:17 
No, they are not. But if they made a THIRD game then they can clearly count to the number three.
Tomi218 28/mar/2014 às 20:31 
SuperSomethings 28/mar/2014 às 20:31 
Okay then.
Pyx 28/mar/2014 às 21:38 
I believe
Vl@doni$ 29/mar/2014 às 0:42 
I would like it play
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