]Rampant[ Mar 28 @ 2:36pm
Should i buy LFD2 now or wait until sale?
I am wondering Should i buy LFD2 now or wait until sale as i do have money now but i would like to get the game,should i buy now or wait?
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Restless Mar 28 @ 2:47pm 
Nobody can answer this question for you. We don't know your income or how much money/time is worth to you.
Poyo-San Mar 28 @ 2:48pm 
I would wait until the sale, they happen quite frequently, and this game is usually on the list.
yoshi8rice Mar 28 @ 2:54pm 
It's on sale right now on Gamefly digital
you can visit my group I recently setup for more information, I'm trying to find people to play with this weekend if you want to join in
http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GamingForTheWeek and go to announcements tab
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Soreasan Mar 28 @ 2:54pm 
Depends on how much you want to play the game right now. When it goes on sale it's often 75% off so you'd be saving 15$, but since you missed the sale they had last month it's likely going to be anywhere from 2-4 months until the next sale. It's up to your choice.

Another thing you could do, if you happened to have spare keys in CS:GO or Team Fortress, would be to buy a copy off the merchants who bought them when it was on sale. Currently many people on Tfoutpost are selling their copies for 3 keys each (Equivilent of 7.50$). Then you could get it sooner and still save a bit of money, IF you already have the keys and can find someone who's selling it.
Raptorpocalypse Mar 28 @ 9:22pm 
Too bad you missed the game when it was free on Christmas.
]Rampant[ Mar 29 @ 4:48am 
Thanks i got the game on Gamerfly for less then £5 so i am happy :)
wait to next 24-26.12 xmas when it goes to giveaway.
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