Mods not downloading
I wanted to download some mods but they do not download. Any answers?
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Im getting some problems here to for downloading mods, I tried removing all my content and now the workshop page is extremely slow and unresponsive :s
BOOTYBUTTCHEAKS Mar 25 @ 2:29pm 
yah it is really slow
Sky Spider Girl空クモ Mar 25 @ 2:33pm 
Steam has been messing up REALLY badly lately
Alexander Mar 25 @ 2:48pm 
Well, besides of the L4D2 Workshop mods got capped in 50 items, many mods got broken, like my own mods and I don't know how to make them work again properly. Even on the addons folder, manually, some of them aren't loading.
=[*PoS*]= The Mad Jester Mar 25 @ 2:58pm 
It's the ENTIRE Workshop in general that's acting up right now. If you've got any other games that you got mods from the Workshop for, don't bother, half or some won't load.

Spread the word so people can stop starting a dozen threads about the same problem that was reported last night.
I'm trying to download all my mods again under 50 items and the in-game webpage and/or workshop page are being extremely slow to respond. my browser firefox is working fine: I wish I never deleted all my mods but my fault. Sorry to hear about broken mods there are some fantastic ones out there.
Alexander Mar 25 @ 3:08pm 
Just figured out a simple fix, remove spaces from names and ta-da. But yes, Workshop got capped.
Sgt.Mays Mar 25 @ 4:43pm 
I am guessing the Steam outage today may have played a part in this, was fine yesterday Steam went down for 4 1/2 hours for me now no workshop content.
Outlaw Mar 25 @ 5:04pm 
Yeah notice l4d2 is deleting files without my consent now too. some maps and some mods are missing. No point in playing if my mods are gone.
=[*PoS*]= The Mad Jester Mar 25 @ 5:11pm 
This is why I go to L4D2 maps or copy the VPKs from the workshop folder inside the addons folder and then unsub. You get your content and you don't need to worry about Workshop being lame.
pist01n0w Mar 25 @ 6:14pm 
all i did was restart steam and clear my appcache and it downloaded and installed fine.. just took a while for it to sync my game tags and time played
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