Shady Dr. Dementia Mar 21 @ 5:31pm
A few mod ideas.
Hey so I'm not a modder but I have some mod ideas that would be really cool if someone could make. First one is a Claire Redfield thing for Rochelle, I know there's one on l4dmaps but I'd like one on the Steam workshop. Another one is Doc Louis (Punch-out!!) for Coach, I seriously have no idea why no one has done this yet, if anyone does do it I don't care if it's lines, model, or clothing but it'd be cool. Finally one that makes the Safe Room song Spongebob's indoors song. (Y'know that one about a magical place with magical charms.) Leave a comment if you'd like to do something or comment about what you think of my mod ideas. Thanks! I would be willing to pay some Team Fortress 2 currency to whoever makes one of these.
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