The Inner Demon Mar 20 @ 8:30am
Suddenly, add-ons not showing up even after subbed & download. HELP!
So around 17 hours ago, My Steam went to offline mode all of a suddenly. log out then log in, but still can not go online. so i assume steam is down. Now after it went back up, i have a problem in L4D2. everytime i subscribed to an add-on, downloaded it fully, it won't show up in the game, not even listed :( although, my previous add-ons before the steam downtime was still there, but now i can't add anymore addons.

verifying the game cache doesn't help.
moving workshop items into 'addons' folder will make the game redownload all the entire add ons except the new ones that i just subscribed.

Date Posted: Mar 20 @ 8:30am
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