Mustachio Mix Mar 19 @ 8:23pm
What Happens If I Unstall Left 4 Dead 2 When I Got It For Free?
Back on christmas day of 2013, I got left 4 dead 2 for free for a limited time. I was just wondering if I unstall left 4 dead 2 would I have to pay for the game, becuase I got the game free?
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bunnyrut Mar 19 @ 8:26pm 
it should still be in your account. you can load steam onto any computer and redownload all of your games. as long as the game was activated through steam it should still be linked to your account.
you can double check to see if you have a 'reciept' for the game when you downloaded it.
Mustachio Mix Mar 19 @ 8:38pm 
How do i check my "Reciept" for the game?
PussyDestroyer69 Mar 19 @ 11:01pm 
u will still own your l4d2 and can install it again 4 free :)
[MLPBA] Chuck Mar 19 @ 11:08pm 
[†]Munkee_King[†] Mar 19 @ 11:17pm 
Talos will strike you down like the filthy elf you are...

But if you survive his wrath.. You can re-install it just fine.
Magic~_ɢεя_ Mar 20 @ 3:17am 
u deleted it from your PC. but STEAM have it still in your game-liberity. ^^
TheMasterBlaster™ Mar 20 @ 4:50am 
If I were you I wouldn't uninstall your free version. I know those who downloaded it and didn't install it immediately, were unable to ever install it later. There was a time limit on the install. It may be fine for you since you installed it once, but who knows.
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