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Grizmo 3月19日 9時10分
Can anyone help?
I got a mod that allows you to have SMGs as a secondary. But then I thought that was a little cheaty, so I deleted it. So I went and started a game, got an SMG and my hand doesn't show, I can only see it as a pistol, it has unlimeted ammo, and I cant get pistols or melee weapons anymore. Can someone please help?
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THEFT 3月19日 9時22分 
check game files integrity?
TheMasterBlaster™ 3月19日 14時11分 
If you really deleted the VPK or unsubscribed from Workshop, simply restart Steam.
Grizmo 3月19日 19時21分 
Thanks guys but all of a sudden it went back to normal. Im never gonna get that mod again though. Thanks! ;)
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