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Is there a way to make a bug report?
Well, most of time I play on Rooftop in the Scavenge mode and we've got 2 very annoying bugs...

1) A can glitch.
There is a can on Hard Cans floating in the mid-floor, so an infected can melee it and it will fall or dive under the floor without a chance to be restored. Sure, the players get kicked when this happen, but sometimes teams do it intentionally.

2) A survivor stuck into (ghost) infected.
When someone leaves the game or joins it (they'll have the same coordinate), he can stuck into infected, sometimes that didn't spawn. If he stucked into not spawned charger, he will be pummeled till death and the one who played as charger will get 300 points for killing survivor.

Those bugs are VERY annoying. So I hope that Valve read these topics. If it don't, I'd like to know how the bugs can be reported.

Ofc, the second bug can be very complicated if we talk about game's source code, but in the first case all they need to do is to raise can's Z coordinate. They sometimes make fixes on shortcuts or other glitches, so I hope they'll fix that ASAP.

There is a 3rd bug maybe connected with the multiplayer itself.

3) Sometimes there can be a 'fat friend' in the party and there will be only 3 survivors and 1 bot survivor. The lobby will show 7/8 slots busy, but actually no one could connect due to "no open slots, bro". If return to lobby, there will be a player named [unknown] without a profile pic.
Date Posted: Mar 18, 2014 @ 3:02pm
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