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KillerKrieg 2014년 3월 15일 오후 4시 25분
Will putting -dxlevel 81 help at all?
Hi there, I have a bit of lag, mostly only on the most demanding part of the game that I have played so far, The Bridge. I have been experimenting with launch options such as -lv and a few others to make the game run more smoothly. I was wondering if -dxlevel 81 would help as it was suggested to me recently. The person who suggested it said it might not help because the minimum dx level for L4D2 is 9.0, but it might still work because it's a source engine game. If this does not work, can anyone suggest any launch options that may make the game run smoother, please?
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Flandre Scarlet 2014년 4월 3일 오전 2시 02분 
It rly depends on your computers graphics card and ive had the same issue myself, mainly when it comes to starting a game like the opening will just lag alot adn at times the graphics will glitch a bit, and yeah ive also wonder if there is anyway to make the game run smoothly
Skreen 2014년 4월 3일 오전 2시 48분 
Get a better graphics card or buy a new pc :P
manul 2014년 4월 3일 오전 9시 51분 
No it won't for two reasons:
1. -dxlevel is abolished and the game engine won't recognize it at all.
2. Even if you manage somehow to force dx8 it most likely ends up with invisible models because of new vtx format.
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